Nobody Knows The Trouble I See
Amerikansk negro spiritual

l: Nobody knows the trouble I see,
nobody knows but Jesus:
Nobody knows de trouble I see,
Glory hellelujah. :l

Sometimes I'am up, sometimes I'm down.
Oh, yes, Lord;
Sometimes I'm almost to de graun',
oh, yes, Lord.
Altho' you see me goin' 'long so.
Oh, yes, Lord;
I have my trials here below,
oh, yes, Lord.
Oh, nobody knows ...

What makes old Satan hate me so?
Oh, yes, Lord;
'Cause he got me once ana let me go,
oh, yes, Lord.
I never shall forget that day,
oh, yes, Lord;
When Jesus washed my sin s away,
oh, yes, Lord.
Oh, nobody knows

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