You Make Me Feel Like Dancing
Vincent Poncia/Gerard Hugh Sayer

You've got a cute way of talking
you've got the better of me
just snap your fingers and I'm walking
like a dog hanging on a lead

I'm in a spin you know
shaking on a string you know

You make me feel like dancing
(I wanna dance the night away)
you make me feel like dancing
you make me feel like dancing
I feel like dancing wow, wow
dancing wow
dancing the night away
I like dancing wow dancing Ahhh

Quatter to four in the morning
I ain't feeling tired no, no, no, no, no
just hold me tight and leave on the light
cause I dont wanna go home
You put a spell
on me right where you want me to be
And then you'll let me stay and we'll
dance our lives away.

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