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Over the years I have collected more than 20.000 quotes of any subject - most in English and some Danish (my mother tongue). The quotes have been organized according to source/writer and subject/topic.

This means, thay you may choose to study all quotes by Einstein, Churchill, Niels Bohr, Søren Kierkegaard and many other.

Robert Storm Petersen  Karen Blixen  Søren Kierkegaard  Adolf Hitler  Winston Churchill 

If you need a quotation for a speech, a love letter, or a report, you may read all quotes concerning a particular subject as war, peace, love, science etc.

In the upper left corner you choose your language (Dansk=Danish, Engelsk=English, Begge=both). Next you choose, whether you want the quotes ordered by source or subject (Forfatter=writer, Emne=subject). After having made your choises press "Go".

If you find an interesting quote, you may mail it to a friend by clicking this small icon at the end of the quote.

Click here for some of my personal favourite quotes.

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