Our first trip to Algarve
First time we went to Algarve was in 1986, together with some friends from the small town, Hornslet, in which we live. It was a charter trip with Århus Charter. By the way we always travel Århus Charter whenever possible. Having travelled frequently for more than 30 years we know practically all Danish travel agencies, and so far Århus Charter has proven best. Excellent destinations, perfect organisation, and especially the guides are great. (No, I am not related to the owners. But we have often met mrs. Andersen, doing har quality checkup on the sites). We have visited all of the company's destinations - some of them more than one time.
Vila Galé
We stayed in a new, luxourious hotel Vila Galé west of Albufeira. We spent most of daytime on the fantastic beaches close to the hotel.


Both the adults and the kids loved it. One time we went by boat to an unspoilt cove, where we went ashore and ate sardins, which we prepared on the beach. When we were tired of the sea, we plunged into the large pools. In the evening we dined on one of the 'tavernas' in the neighbourhood. At that time there were not so many places to choose among, since it was quite a new area. When Birgit and I returned some 10 years later, we could hardly recognize the surroundings. So many new hotels and so many new restaurants and bars.

Eating in Algarve
Fresh seafood and shellfish is excellent and plentiful, caught locally and forms part of many traditional dishes. One of the most famous traditional Algarve dishes is 'cataplana', a mouth-watering dish of clams, sausages, ham, onion, garlic, white wine and spices, steamed in a copper vessel known as a cataplana.

Another local speciality ia 'cabrito estufado', a delicious stew cooked with onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and peas. You have not been to the Algarve if you have not tried 'chicken piri-piri', charcoal grilled chicken marinaded in a spicy sauce made from local chilli that grows in the mountains - unbeatable. One evening we went by car to a village in the mountains. There were several restaurants, which had specialized in 'piri-piri'. This we can only recommend. Later at nights we had fun on the terracces, singing and drinking local wine. Our favourite wine was the sparkling vinho verdes ('green wine'). But we were surprised by the (high) prices of decent ports.