Down by the River

August 19, 1998
Fly me to the moon
This was the day, our journey started. Up at 4 AM. Picked Aase and Viggo up at 5. Drove 130 km to Billund, a minor Danish airport. Departure time 7.25 for Frankfurt, Germany. We had almost no time in Frankfurt. In German style we entered the plane row by row. Usually you just fumble in. We had a late start and landed almost 1 hour late in Toronto. On the 9 hour trip over the Atlantic we watched Titanic - wonder if they would have shown this movie to us, if Titanic had been an airplane?

Limousine We landed in Vancouver according to schedule at 17 PM. While we were waiting for our suitcases, Janet and Claus showed up. It was good to se them. Claus left for Canada August 15 the year befors. And we had not seen Janet since December 1996 in Denmark. Janet was excited and told, that she had a surprise for us. And she certainly had! Outside the terminal a large, white limousine was waiting to bring us to our home.

Vancouver skyline The first impression of a new place is always important to us. And we really enjoyed the 20 minutes drive from the airport to our accomodation. Everything nice, fresh and clean. Vancouver is nestled between ocean and mountains in the southwestern part of British Columbia. The parks are numerous and large. The town is situated on both sides of a river, with several bridges crossing. There are sandy beaches close to the city. The port, which is the largest on North America's west coast, operates all year - especially on Japan and the Orient. The US border is just 65 km south. No wonder that many people consider it the most beautiful city in the world. And I am not only referring to people, actually living there.

Through the windows in the huge limo we could see, that the avenues run east-west and the streets north-south. The avenues are numbered, fx 4th Avenue. Some of the larger streets and all the avenues have a east-west orientation, depending on whether you are east or west of Main Street.

Point Grey Guest House
Our bed & breakfast Our home during our stay in Vancouver was a wonderful villa in 3 storeys. The address is Hugh and Georgia Humphries, 4103 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver B.C., V6R 2H2, telephone/fax (604) 222-4104. A beautiful garden (where Birgit, Aase and Viggo would spend quite some time watching the cool smoke from their cigarettes vanish into thin air). Haven't I told you, that smoking is practically forbidden in Canada? And I don't think, that it is due to fear of fire. This puristic attitude is also slowly coming to Europe and Denmark. But I'm glad, that none of our sons are smoking.

No smoking Our hosts were Georgia og Hugh. Hugh had come to Canada, when he was 19 years. His family comes from Wales, which you could detect from the tone of his language. Georgia told us, that they had been making improvements to the house for almost 8 years. And right now Hugh was busy working in the lower regions of the house. We had 2 lovely rooms upstairs, beautyfully furnished. I think that the furniture in our room came from Belgium. The rooms was decorated in different colours - very tasteful. All over the house were art items from various places in Asia and Europe. Almost like a museum, but service was much better. When Birgit and I return to Vancouver we will no doubt stay at Georgia and Hugh. We can very much recommend "bed and breakfast", since you meet many interesting people from different parts of the world. And the price is very reasonable. No, we are not related to Georgia and Hugh, but why shouldn't you have a perfect stay in Vancouver like we had?

Janet & Claus' appartment
Janet and Claus's appt. After a while (read "smoke") we carried on to Janet og Claus' appartment at Toronto Road, some 2 km further out along 10th Avenue. While we were being introduced to our home, Janet had picked up the car, which we had rented for our stay. It was a nice car, with space for 7 persons. The appartment is located on the 5th floor, one bedroom with white cupboards in kitchen, spacious dining and living room, balcony with big trees in front and a garden and across the street from the UBC. Among the facilities are a sauna, whirlpool, and a swimming pool. Janet told, that one morning she had encountered a squirrel on top of the fridge. Quite an experience.

While having dinner, Janet and Claus outlined the program, which they had carefully planned. We would stay in Vancouver for 4 days. Then go to the national parks in the Rockies - Jasper, Banff and Yoho - for 5 days. Then return to Vancouver for the rest of our stay. Sweet music to our ears.